Lemuria Nursery

About Us:

Lemuria Nursery was first established in Oakland in 1939 by Peter and Sarah Fink, the current owners' grandparents.  In the late 40s, the nursery was moved to Richmond, a mainstay on San Pablo Avenue.  When Peter and Sarah retired, their eldest son Peter, took over and ran it until 1988.  His sons, Peter and Erik, were then handed the reins.  The boys ran the nursery in Richmond until 1999, when they decided to move to Dixon, CA.

We have brought with us, to Dixon, over 60 years of knowledge in the green industry.  Being nursery brats is a unique experience, as some of our earliest memories are of us running around the greenhouse watching and helping grandma take cuttings by the thousands; or traveling with our dad to other nurseries to collect or trade for plant material.  We also had the opportunity to meet some very interesting characters along the way, whose names were instrumental in the development of our industry.

The love of green has been passed down from generation to generation with the fourth generation next in line.  This nursery is more than just something passed down, it's our lifestyle and our love and we would be thrilled to share it and our knowledge with you.  When you come to visit us, you'll find rows and rows of plants and trees to choose from, all located on a 12 acre parcel in the agricultural district of Solano County!