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Buddhas Hand (5 GALLON) $49.95 (1 LEFT)


Mandarin: (5 GALLON)

]Gold Nugget $49.95 (8 LEFT)

Shasta Gold $49.95 (8 LEFT)

Tahoe Gold $49.95 (8 LEFT)


(If we don't have what you're looking for today...don't worry! We are expecting to receive an other citrus shipment around early May!)

What is a semi-dwarf citrus?

A citrus tree that has been grafted onto a semi-dwarf rootstock gives you the accessibility of a dwarf and the productivity of a standard, making your harvest bountiful and easy to manage!

Most semi-dwarf citrus varieties will reach about 12 feet tall but can be kept smaller by pruning

Semi-dwarf citrus can also be kept in a half wine barrel or larger size container and be very content!

Fruit harvest times are courtesy of Four Winds Fruit Chart Info, for more varieties check out their website at https://www.fourwindsgrowers.com/pages/citrus-variety-info-chart