Lemuria Nursery


At the nursery, we divide and grow a great selection of decidous and evergreen daylilies. With so many choices on the market, we grow over 30 varieties that have been ground tested at the nursery.  That's tough love with intense summer heat, all the while, looking for repeat bloomers, large flowers, unique color and proven names, many of which are old reliables.  You can check out our facebook  photos for Pete's Favorites  in the Daylily Album.

Fun Facts:

Daylily flowers are edible and will brighten up any salad. They are also one of the easiest  plants propagated, with a wide range of heights and colors. Brought across our country by early settlers, many are the foundation plants of early homesteads, and have  naturalized in many enviroments across the U.S.

Our day lilies sections is an array of different colors when in full bloom, they are currently unmarked and assorted in different colors.




 Name Type SIze Color 1Gallon
 Along the Way Decidous 28 inch Peachy Pink/Red Eye $6.99
 Aztec Gold Evergreen 24 inch Gold $6.99
 Barbary Corsair Decidous 24 inch Plum/Green Throat $6.99
 Black Eyed Stella Decidous 18 inch Gold/ Dark Eye $6.99
 Burgundy Velvet Evergreen 21 inch Burgundy/Yellow Eye $6.99
 Catherine Woodbury Decidous 30 inch Pale Pink $6.99
 Chicago Sunrise Decidous 26 inch Golden Amber/Green Throat $6.99
 Cranberry Baby Evergreen 16 inch Cranberry red/Yellow Throat $6.99
 Dance Party Evergreen 24 inch Clear Yellow $6.99
 Darling Deception Decidous 24 inch Creamy Pink/Purple Eye $6.99
 Deep Wine Decidous 24 inch Small Burgundy Red $6.99
 Eenie Weenie Decidous 10 inch Chrome Yellow $6.99
 Fairy Charm Decidous 16 inch Creamy Peach/Olive Throat $6.99
 Flasher Decidous 30 inch Dark Orange $6.99
 Gold Coast Decidous 20 inch Gold/Black Stem, fragrant $6.99
 Golden Wave Evergreen 24 Yellow/Orange Eye $6.99
 Green Flutter Decidous 24 inch Canary Yellow/Green Throat $6.99
 Happy Returns Decidous 20 inch Clear Yellow $6.99
 Hearts A Fire Decidous 30 inch Cerise Red $6.99
 Huge Hot Red Evergreen 30 inch Big Red $6.99
 Ice Carnival Decidous 28 inch White/Green Throat $6.99
 Lightning Berry Evergreen 28 inch Red/Yellow Eye & Bar $6.99
 Little Grapette Decidous 14 inch Grape Purple/Yellow Throat $6.99
 Love Nook Evergreen 30 inch Bronze/Yellow Eye & Bar $6.99
 Pandoras Box Decidous 20 inch Cream/Purple Eye $6.99
 Pardon Me Decidous 16 inch Cranberry Red/Yellow Throat $6.99
 Radiant Greeting Decidous 30 inch Golden Yellow/Red Eye $6.99
 Russian Rhapsody Evergreen 30 inch Plum Purple $6.99
 Siloam Tiny Tim Decidous 16 inch Bluish Lavender $6.99
 South Sparkle Evergreen 24 inch Yellow/Red Throat $6.99
 Space Wars Decidous 28 inch Cream/Red Eye $6.99
 Starburst Evergreen 24 inch Double Ruffled Orange $6.99
 Stella D oro Decidous 18 inch Golden Yellow $6.99
 Tahiti Beach Evergreen 24 inch Peach $6.99
 Tiger Time Evergreen 32 inch Orange/ Dark Orange Eye $6.99
 Tiny Pumpkin Evergreen 18 inch Small Peachy Apricot $6.99