Lemuria Nursery

Vines 2020

Our availability is changing by the minute!

Please call ahead of time to make sure we have all of your favorites in stock, our number is (707)678-4481.

(If we do not have them today we can order it and have it here within a week or two!)


 Botanical Name Common Name1Gallon  5Gallon
 Passiflora 'Possum Purple' Purple Passion Vine $8.99
 Clytostoma callistegiodes Lavender Trumpet Vine $7.99 $24.95
 Ficus repens Creeping Fig $8.99 
 Hardenbergia v. 'Happy Wanderer' Lilac Vine $8.99 
 Jasminum polyanthum Pink Jasmine $8.99
 Rosa banksiae Banks Rose  $24.95
 Rosa polyanthas 'Cecile Brunner' Cecile Brunner Rose  $24.95
 Solanum jasminoides White Potato Vine $8.99 $24.95
 Trachelospernum jasminoides Star Jasmine (unstaked) $6.99 
Trachelospernum jasminoidesStar Jasmine (staked)$8.99$24.95